Our Services

We have the equipment and experience to safely remove dead and dangerous trees. Large tree removals are our specialty. We have a 65 foot bucket truck and a grapple truck so we can safely and efficiently remove any tree.

Full Insurance Including Workman Compensation


Sometimes small stumps can be tripping hazards and large stumps need to be removed for future construction projects.  We can help you.  We have several stump grinders, so we can remove large stumps or stumps in small backyards safely.
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We can prune your trees to make them more healthy and beautiful.  We offer deadwood removal, thinning, and shaping.


We can plant small to medium trees and palm trees for you.  We have several varieties that do well in our region that we plant often including, chinese pistache, afghan pine, burr oak, red oak, chinquapin oak, live oak, non bearing mulberry, pecan, honey locust, weeping willow, desert willow, lacebark elm, apricot, arizona ash, and windmill fan palm.  We can help you decide which trees to plant for your specific location.
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We can sometimes cable or bolt a damaged tree if the damage is not too severe.